The Inquiry of my Mind

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Hey..I like to learn stuff..

Jenn Tillman  English-1102-068

My name is Jenn, but a lot of people don't really know that or understand me. I got used to this over the years. Sometimes I forget about it because you just learn to get used to it. I really admire the idea of building an inquiry/writing site. It may be for school, but since it sparks on something I am passionate about I guess I can take it a little farther than usual. I love learning. I like doing a lot of different interests. I also love to express my passion for growth and knowledge in my writing. I love to write because it creates so many opportunities for me. If you’re curious I have some pictures of stuff I like to do scattered around. The picture on the right has the most mixture. I have a lot of interests, more than I can fit in one picture, but I singled out a few that I really admire. I believe that my passion and obsession with these interests, and my drive to better myself with these many vast specific skills has a lot to do with my writing and my passion for inquiry. That is why I display them here for you to see, maybe then you can begin to understand my mind and the determination that spills out from my writing. 

     Inquiry is an interesting word. I know teachers dislike definitions sometimes because it makes it appear as if I don't really know anything and just grab definitions to sound "smart", but I like words. I like to read, analyze and understand their definitions. So I don't care what anyone thinks about that. 

     Inquiry -  a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge.

     I really like this definition. It tells a lot about the word. It is the kind of word that if you say it out loud the definition kind of tells itself. Does that make sense? Anyway, this word defines a huge part of my mind and the way I think. If I were to be honest I would say I inquire about a lot of different topics. I ask a lot of questions. Usually I get yelled at, ignored, or laughed at, but sometimes I get answers. Sometimes in order to get answers you have to seek out your own source of knowledge, and build upon what you already have to create a "working knowledge". I personally think this is great. I live everyday trying really hard to do this right. Writing is a great resource for this which is why my passion and love for writing is forever increasing. Everyday more and more things make sense, but the learning journey never ends. I guess in a way that is comforting and depressing at the same time. 

    No matter how you look at it in life there is a lot to learn and write. I choose to embrace that and live everyday trying really hard to learn more than I did the day before. So let the inquiring and writing begin.

Beware this home page has a lot of bad pictures. I really like photography though. I love to do and learn a lot of things so taking pictures is an interesting way to communicate that passion. My camera isn’t the best, but photography is really amazing. 

I also really like to read. So I threw a bunch of books on the ground and took a picture. Haha, reading is fun you should try it.

I also really like handhelds. I mainly play pokemon. I know that may seem stupid, but the game makes you think about what strategies are best considering the circumstances. I feel that there is a lot of learning potential there. If you do it right of course.

I really like rubiks cubes. I always wanted to solve it and gave up on it years ago. I recently bought one and I currently have solved it tons of times. I am currently working on increasing the amount of time it takes me to solve the cube. This takes me into a whole new genre of Speed Cubing which takes skill, determination, and lots of muscle and brain memory. I am currently studying the Fridrich Method. Cubing is awesome!

I recently started skateboarding. It is a fun new interest/hobby. It teaches you to trust yourself. I do not really trust myself much and I am scared of a lot of things. Skateboarding is helping me to let go and ride free I guess. I love it. I am currently learning to feel more comfortable on my board, and I relate it to life in general. Oh and my cat Star says hi. 

I like a lot of I take pictures of them..YaY!

In Pic:

- Computer


- Skateboard

- Gaming Controllers

- Guitar

- Handhelds

-Rubiks Cubes

Video games mean a lot to me and I do not prefer any form over the other. Whether it is on handhelds, consoles, or a PC gaming is awesome :D What I really like about gaming is how it encourages you to think strategically and differently. Thinking is great.

I also really love to play guitar. Music speaks to me. I feel good playing music. I am not perfect, but I am learning. Music Theory is really powerful.